Berit Engen WEFT and D'RASH – A Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– Maimonides, Nachmanides, and Me
What does little me have in common with Sephardic men of the Golden Age, these highly accomplished Bible commentators, philosophers, astronomers, rabbis, kabbalists, poets, grammarians, translators of Latin, Greek, and Arabic, not to mention military and diplomatic leaders. Many of these already hardworking guys (everyone of them worked in several disciplines) were also educated as physicians, and some who were not sometimes declared themselves medical doctors and earned money by seeing patients , when their work of passion did not pay the bills.

Well, I weave poetry. With my tapestries I comment on Biblical texts. I have knowledge of Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek grammar. Every day I spend as many hours as I can on my work. And one day, in the twelfth year of my twenty-year project, I felt disillusioned, wondering whether I ever would have more income than expenses. So, I hung up a sign on my front door: “Doctor.”

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Three Jewish Physicians
 Three Jewish Physicians  Three Jewish Physicians  Three Jewish Physicians
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