Berit Engen: WEFT and D'RASH – Weaving a Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– “And You Shall Be a Light Unto the Nations”

A few years ago, in Madison Square Park in NYC, I spotted the unusual bright green top of a lamp post. At noon, on a bright, sunny day, one does not expect a lamppost to illuminate its surroundings but the light, both natural and manmade, shining onto and bouncing off the millions of small bright, green leaves was so remarkable, I took notes; I knew I had found the starting point for my series based on Isaiah 49:6, commanding the Jews to be “or la-goyyim” - a light unto the nations. Then I noticed an astonishing contemporary sculpture: a large, dark and naked tree-like creation, its few branches carrying huge and heavy-looking rocks. The dead-looking tree seemed to drain everything and give nothing. Light and dark were in my face, a few yards apart, as if they insisted on being reminded of two sides of the same story. After all, exemplary, ethical behavior can be a challenge.

(2/3 tapestries)

Isaiah in Manhattan
 Isaiah in Manhattan  Isaiah in Manhattan
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