Berit Engen WEFT and D'RASH: A Thousand Jewish Tapestries

PaRDeS (I)
– Of Light-Filled Fibers: P’shat, Remez, D’rash, and Sod

l enjoy looking at how Biblical scenes have been depicted differently throughout the ages in paintings. Using flax and linen fibers, and abstract imagery, I wove four variations on the very first verse of the Torah but with the added challenge of applying the category definitions of PaRDeS.

(4/4 tapestries)

– Genesis 1:1 in Grey, Black, and Crème

Inevitably, being transfixed by nature is almost equal to being transfixed by colors. When the countless hues of the Creation are deleted, weight is added to the story itself.
(4/4 tapestries)

– Garden in Its Own Jumbled Beauty

In this series, one Hebrew word only is the object being analyzed: ‘l’hitatef,’ ‘to wrap oneself’ as wrapping oneself in a tallit, a prayer shawl.
The tapestry titles are in the imagery of a Persian garden on a summer day. The colors, however, are without the brightness of such a garden, symbolizing that PaRDeS, in spite of being a system, can be quite bewildering as the categories overlap.
(4/4 tapestries)
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