Berit Engen WEFT and D'RASH – A Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– Lonely in Front of Mountains While Seeking Inside Gorges 

Most of these tapestries have motifs inspired by desert landscapes. The dry and vast wilderness can provide stunning beauty, but it can also seem unwelcoming and void of life. The sky is like an enormous lid but protecting rather than stifling. Unlike the earth and the mountains, it lets the eyes wander without visual obstructions. The mountains or rock formations, however, can give shelter where both the eye and the soul can withdraw and rest.

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– From Behind Darkness Reaching Into Light

As a child, I was afraid of tall mountains. They felt overwhelming, I felt small, and I could not see the sky behind them. But as a young adult, I was struck by their dramatic beauty. The mountainous landscape and the sky behind came to symbolize tensions both beautiful and troublesome.

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Alone Inside Shadows but Resting Below Dust
Moved by this Psalm verse I found in a Jewish book for mourners, I wove an interpretation. Then another, as I found the words compelling in their reflection of the primal fear of abandonment.

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