Berit Engen WOOF and D'RASH - Weaving a Thousand Jewish Tapestries

How to live them
This series is inspired by and structured after the table of contents in the book The Jewish Way - Living the Holidays by Rabbi Irving Greenberg.
As I read this book, it seemed like all I had learned about Judaism fell into place, and the sacred days offered a more profound perspective.
In the conflict between my Jewish aspirations and reality, I struggle as I wander the Way to the goal offered by the Torah, the universal redemption.
The titles are based on YIVO’s list of Yiddish names for the holy days, (with the exception of Yom Hashoah.) Given that all the names are originally Hebrew, the difference is mostly a matter of emphasizing different syllables. I miss hearing these disappearing sounds at the times of the various yontifs and observances.

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