Berit Engen WOOF and D'RASH - Weaving a Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– Short prelude: anticipation
A teacher at heart, I appreciate the didactic skills of the Rabbis and their division of rituals, prayers, and storytelling into fifteen steps. We begin by taking four small ones and then the drama begins.

“Ha lachma anya!” (– Waving the Cracker)
9″ x 7.5″

“The bread of affliction!” 

We lift the matzah and sing loudly in Aramaic, proclaiming the matzah’s place in our history dating back to Egypt, inviting all who are hungry to come and eat, and expressing hope for return and freedom.

I like chanting these words to an old Ashkenazi melody; the sound immediately transfers us to seders held long ago.

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